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Alzheimer s Disease My Grandma s Killer - 1354 Words

Alzheimer’s Disease: My Grandma’s Killer Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is characterized by gradual cognitive decline that beings with the inability to create recent memories or thoughts, which then proceeds to effect on all intellectual functions (Mayeux Stern, 2012). AD affects an estimated 5.5 million people in the United States, and 24 million people worldwide (Mayeux Stern, 2012). The incidence of Alzheimer’s disease is rising in line with the aging population, therefore; AD is most common in older patients around the ages of 60-85 (Mayeux Stern, 2012). Alzheimer’s Disease is the sixth most common cause of death (Latest Alzheimer s Facts and Figures, 2015). Therefore, in the United States, one individual will develop the disease in every 67 seconds (Latest Alzheimer s Facts and Figures, 2015). Pathology Alzheimer’s Disease is indicated by the break down of the nervous system, essentially the neurons within the brain (MacGill, 2009). The break down leads to nerve cell eradication, and the casualty of tissue throughout the brain (MacGill, 2009). As the disease progress, the brain begins to shrink fiercely, developing loss of its normal functioning (MacGill, 2009). Abnormal protein groups and structures of plaques and tangles characterize the disease (MacGill, 2009). Plagues and tangles are not able to be viewed or tested in the living brain, but are able to be observed in an autopsy of an infected deceased (MacGill, 2009). Plagues Plagues are abnormal clusters of

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The American Dream Is Dying - 982 Words

American DayDream The American dream is dying. A big uproar about its impossible to move up in social class. In the U.S. there s a gap between the poor and rich. Is it too far to hard to move up in one lifetime. It s far too hard to move up the social ladder, also just having a regular income of minimum wage or even making a few extra dollar or having kid makes the dream into a fairytale. Socioeconomic mobility in the United States refers to the movement of Americans from one social class or economic level to another, often by changing jobs or marrying. Vertical mobility can be the change in socioeconomic status between parents, and children, and intergenerational. It typically refers to relative mobility the chance that an American s income or status will rise or fall compared to others in another income or status group, however social mobility can also be waste of time, by how much living standards is in America. The belief that there is significant social mobility in America, or in other words that Americans can and do rise from humble origins to riches, is called the American Dream. A parents dream is to have their kids have a better life than they did, but in most cases there kid are left in the same place, or worst than the parent left them in. The U.S. is ranked well below Denmark, Australia, Norway, Finland, Canada, Sweden, Germany and Spain in terms of how fr eely citizens move up or down the social ladder ( Steven 1 ). Only in Italy and Great Britain is theShow MoreRelatedEssay about Living or Dying with the American Dream1274 Words   |  6 Pagesto be successful. We all dream of having a decent job, a house, a car or two, good social connections and the respect of our peers. We dream of opportunity and freedom. In Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, many characters are pursuing their own version of this dream, but they go about it in many different ways. Some see work and perseverance as necessities. Others think personal charm and popularity are essential in obtaining their dreams. We see the American Dream through the eyes of manyRead MoreThe American Dream In James T. Adamss The American Dream1220 Words   |  5 Pagesphrase â€Å"The American Dream† was popularized by James T. Adams in his book Epic of America. The meaning of the American Dream has changed overtime but still has the same idea: anything is achievable i f you work for it, regardless of your financial or social standpoint. The twentieth century was filled with Americans in the working class motivated by the popularized phrase. People wanted to work and improve their positions, but suddenly, everything changed. The American dream turned merely a dream; a literalRead MoreDeath of a Salesman and American Beauty1220 Words   |  5 PagesDeath of a Salesman is a play by Arthur Miller that follows the dying days of Willy Loman. Willy is a salesman who is not very at selling whatever he is selling so he takes the easy way out and goes to his neighbor, Charley, who has worked very hard for his money. Willy thinks that Charley and his son Bernard are nerdy and that they are not successful. Success to Willy is all about looks, which is why his son Biff grew up with the idea that as long as you are well liked than you will be successfulRead MoreWho Is The American Dream?1490 Words   |  6 PagesAmericans because they often think of The Amer ican Dream as a way or path to greater times. The American Dream gives hope for Americans because it gives them freedom, hope and it also encourages us to achieve goals that will make our life a lot easier in the future for future generations and ourselves. A real life situation of the American dream, for example is like other people from other countries coming to America to find jobs to support their families, build new ones or simply have a better lifeRead More Time1677 Words   |  7 Pagessimple, as pure, and as vulnerable as a dream stand against the slow but steady stream of time, that beats like particles of sand against the bottom of an hourglass? For a dream to continue to nourish the minds of the masses generation after generation, it must adapt--change to better fit the new circumstances that a change in time invariably evokes. But as a dream changes, is it as pure, as innocent, and as high-minded as it once was? Could the American dream, which has hereto defined the ver y spiritRead MoreAnalysis of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson699 Words   |  3 Pagesinto the audience/readers important information that he/she wishes to pass. Hunter S. Thompson has used his creativity in the novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas written in the 1960s to reflect on American society with Las Vegas as the point of reference. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas describes the American society as hypocritical. This transcends from the leaders to citizens. The Duke and Gonzo attend a conference on Narcotics and dangerous drugs. The theme of the conference is slated as an appealRead MoreTo an Athlete Dying Young: Poem Analysis1084 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"To an Athlete Dying Young† begins with a very familiar image of victory, which is very easy for most readers to visualize because the image of victory has been seen by many people. Nearing the end of the poem, however, the poem’s image becomes less familiar or a bit ambiguous because it is unexpected. Housman believes dying young after achieving greatness or fame is the way to live, and the poem’s speaker attempts to convey the message of dying young to the runner ( ). The poem’s protagonist (theRead MoreWho Is The American Dream? Essay1679 Words   |  7 PagesAmericans because they often think of The American Dream as a way or p ath to greater times. The American Dream gives hope for Americans because it gives them freedom, hope and it also encourages us to achieve goals that will make our life a lot easier in the future for future generations and ourselves. A real life situation of the American dream, for example is like other people from other countries coming to America to find jobs to support their families, build new ones or simply have a better lifeRead MoreAnalysis Of Fences By August Wilson1240 Words   |  5 Pagesyoung, they are told to â€Å"dream big† and â€Å"shoot for the stars†. Nothing seems impossible. As people grow older, they become more aware of reality and dim their childhood dreams to a more practical level. However, this light always remains in the back of their brain, keeping them wondering what if? What if they had continued to pursue this goal despite the likeliness of failure? Would it still be worth it? Fences by August Wilson tells the story of an impoverished A frican-American family in the 1950s andRead MoreThe American Dream In Jeannette Wallss The Glass Castle1519 Words   |  7 Pagescall it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.† Financial security, freedom to live how one chooses, retiring at 65 and living comfortably in old age, owning a home, knowing that working hard pays off: these are all fundamental beliefs tied to the American Dream. As newer generations are increasingly finding the dream to be unrealistic, people are beginning to abandon the concept; however it is still a very present ideology. While many believe the American Dream is a lively

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Corporate Social Responsibility Legal Anthropology

Question: Discuss about the Corporate Social Responsibility for Legal Anthropology. Answer: Introduction Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is identified as an integral part of a companys operation. Haalboom (2012) mentioned that, most of the organizations all over the world have struggled to find out the practical implication of CSR. In this assignment, a CSR audit has been conducted for the company BHP Billiton. It is Anglo-Australian Multinational mining company founded in the year of 1885 (Fisher Grant, 2012). The company has revenue of A$ 61.2 billion in 2015. The company operates of processing, mining and oil and gas production operation in more than 25 countries. The company has donated 1% of the pre-tax profit in community programs for the last three year. The company has provided US$ 241.7 million for community donations. It includes US$ 100 million contribution by the BHP Billiton corporate entitles. Detail scope of engagement In order to conduct the CSR audit, the communication auditor has been provided some specific instructions. At first, it is required to analyze the current understanding of CSR. In order to do that, it is required to refer to academic literature and industry standards. Then it is required find out CSR commitment of the company BHP by carrying out some investigations. In order to do that, it is required to find out the CSR claims embedded in the vision and strategic documentation of BHP. Then it is required to analyze whether all the claims (actions arising from BHPS governance and performance documents) are measurable or not. Then it is required to analyze whether the company can demonstrate positive impact of its CSR policy or not. After that the communication auditor needs to find out the discrepancies between communicated intention and the corporate practices. Depending on the discrepancies it is required to provide some recommendation for the company BHP to improve its CSR policie s. Critical analysis of the current understanding about CSR As Mayes Pini and McDonald (2013) stated that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has emerged as a global trend in various countries. There are various policies; CSR perspective and culture have been developed to manage responsibility of various organizations. It has been found that scope of various management theories are growing and theories of CSR are changing over time. As Hilson (2012) mentioned that, CSR can be defined as the bridge of connection between ecology, social community and the corporate world. According to Bice (2015), CSR is the concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concern in their business operations in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis. On the other hand, (Fisher Grant, 2012) argued that CSR is not only a mean to fulfill legal expectations and governmental policies. It also includes concerns related with society development, harmonious ecology, environment and human capital. It has been found that Corporate S ocial Responsibility has common ground with sustainable development, hence they are always associated. Theoretical Framework (perspective of CSR) The concept of CSR emerged in during 1970s. It started to gain high profile drastically during 1990s. According to Andrew et al. (2012), CSR is all about how a company allocates its value to manage the behaviour and expectations of suppliers, stakeholders, employees, government regulators and social communities. Major CSR issues are such as stakeholder engagement, community relations, human rights, governance, labor standards, environmental engagement and social equity (Bluszcz Kijewska, 2015). There are many scholars have developed research works related with CSR in the area of management. It has been found that managers are the initial driver and CSR is utilized as the management concept in the area of enterprise. According to Fisher and Grant (2012), working with CSR indicates the perspective of being responsible to the society. In the figure given below, the CSR map for an organization has been analyzed. Figure 1: CSR map for an organization (Source: Lanis Richardson, 2012) It has been found that the goal of the organization is to improve long term sustainability and profitability. The goal of economy is to increase sustainable economic development related activities (Lii Lee, 2012). It has been found that, a company has to meet some responsibilities to its stakeholders. The stakeholders include customers, society, employees, local community and investors. An organization can provide value to its customers by improving quality of products and services and reduce price of products. Bice (2014) mentioned that values for employees can be increased by improving health safety and labor standards. Engagement in community activities like donations can improve value for local community. Enhancing business ethic, protecting human rights and environments can improve value for the society (Kirschke, 2014). On the other hand transparency and accountability can improve CSR value for the investors of the organization. National Responsible Competitiveness Standing in the era of national economy development, CSR is referred as the concept to enhance national economic competitiveness. Guidance for the progression of the sustainable future can be provided by the National responsible competitiveness. It provides a cooperative analysis of the national responsible competitiveness for a huge group of countries (Bisley Coyne, 2015). In accordance to the Sate of Responsible Competitive Index, Sweden is recognized as the most responsibly competitive country (Dashwood, 2014). This nation has strong urge for sustainable development. On the other hand, China utilizes international sustainability standards as a soft power to improve responsible competitiveness of all operating organizations in this country. It indicates that the Chinese Governments and Chinese organizations al already aware about the dynamics of responsible competitiveness. C-SR Model For various theories it has been found that CSR is a part of company management that has significant impact on the outcome of the corporate performance of an organization. As Wang Li and Gao (2014) stated that, measuring Corporate social performance (CSP) of an organization can help to analyze the CSR behavior of an organization. Meehan (2006) had provided a model to analyze the competitive strategy of an organization depending on social resources that provides triple bottom line benefits to an organization. It is known as3C-SR Model. Figure 2: 3C-SR Model (Source: Kirsch, 2014) Examining the CSR commitment of BHP Identification of the CSR claims embedded in the BHPs vision and strategic documents In terms of market capitalism, BHP Billiton is termed as the worlds third largest organization. It is a global mining, gas and oil organization that has headquarters in Melbourne. As Bisley and Coyne (2015) stated that the organization operates in more than 25 countries. It has more than 41,000 employees. BHP billion strives to develop long-term value with the help of discovery. The vision statement of the company is development and conversion of natural resources and the provisions of innovative. According to Lanis and Richardson (2012), the companies always try to develop market-focused and customer focused solutions in order to improve value for customers (CSR value). The major strategy of the organization to invest in world class, low cost and export related operations that reflect diversification across the market of different geographic regions. As Mayes (2015) stated that, it is the objective of the company to create sustainable value for their employees, contractors, shareholders, business partners and customers. The company aspires to cause zero harm to people, environment and its host communities and tries to achieve sustainable industry practices. The company is actively involved in CSR practices stating that Community programs are operating at four levels across the company- local, provincial or regional, national and global. The majority of the efforts occur locally at our operations where our businesses implement programs to develop and support the communities close to us and across the business, our business is to make positive contribution to the people to our host communities. Measuring the claims of BHP Figure 3: CSR rating for BHP (Source: Bluszcz Kijewska, 2015) It has been found that, allover CSR rating of the company is 62% in comparison to all global companies. This CSR rating for the company is constant for the last two years (2014-2016) (Lodhia Hess, 2014). The community rating is 58%, environment rating is 64%, employee rating 64% and the governance rating is 62% for the organization BHP Billiton (Bluszcz Kijewska, 2015). Coal mining involvement is a special issue that has affected the CSR rating for the company. Figure 3: History of CSR rating for BHP (Source: Dashwood, 2014) There is a table given below to mention the Corporate Social Responsibility requirements identified by the company BHP. Category Needs/ Requirements Child labor According to Bluszcz and Kijewska (2015), children cannot be hired at workplace before the completing their compulsory education. The minimum age to enter into the employment must not be lower than 15 years. Compulsory or forced labor The supplier of the company BHP makes sure that there is no bonded, forced or involuntary labor is associated with the company operation. Treatment towards employees The company has developed a working environment where all employees are treated with respect and dignity. It has been found that there is no sexual, verbal and physical abuse tolerated in the working environment of BHP. Wages Wages and benefits are provided to employees depending on the job standard. The minimum wage of the company is higher than the amount mentioned in the national legal standards or local industry benchmarks. In the states where no such standard exist, the company has to develop a wage standard that can meet the requirements living for the employees and their dependants. Health and Safety at workplace The company has taken appropriate precautionary measures in order to protect workers from work related hazards. All the workers are provided health and safety training in accordance to the requirements of the jobs. The company has provided clean, healthy, safe and specious work environment to the employees (Dashwood, 2014). All the safety policies of the organization comply with the HSEC Group Level documents. Freedom of Association The suppliers of the company have to adopt an open attitude to manage the legitimate activities of the trade unions. Protection World Heritage Sites The company has to make sure that none of the sources should be gathered from World Heritage listed sites or International Union for conservation of Nature Protected Areas. Corporate Social Responsibility requirements of BHP (Source: Bluszcz Kijewska, 2015) Examining whether BHP can demonstrate positive impact on the CSR policy It has been found from various research works and industrial analysis that the company BHP has demonstrated positive impact of the CSR policy by creating various foundations to help local communities: The company has developed BHP Billiton SEWA Society in India during the year of 2005 (Bluszcz Kijewska, 2015). It is also known as BHP Billiton India development Foundation. This foundation was developed to invest in the social and human resource capabilities in India. Special focus was given to various states of India like Orissa, Jhar Khand, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. It provides attention in the sectors of health, education and rural development (Dashwood, 2014). BHP has developed The Minera Escondida Foundation to provide contribution to improve the quality of the life standard of low income people of Chile. The organization has developed The Tintaya Foundation in Peru. It is an independent non-profit company which was developed to support the Tintaya Copper operation (Bisley Coyne, 2015). The main objective of this foundation is to improve and promote participation and self-management process within the community of Tintayas areas of influence. It has high contribution in the sustainable development of this area. The organization has developed the Montelibano Educational Foundation in Colombia. As Bisley and Coyne (2015) stated that this foundation is mainly trying to focus on the educational provision for Cerro Matoso employees and their families. It also helps the needy students to find out shelter from the surrounding communities. Assessing the discrepancies between communicated intention and corporate practices of BHP Despite of several positive intentions taken by the company BHP, there are some discrepancies have been found between the communicated intention and the corporate practices of the company. As mentioned that, since the starting of the industrial age, the company BHP is listed as one of the 90 companies that extract and market fossil fuel that are responsible for 66% of the global Greenhouse gas emissions. It is ranked as the 19th largest corporate polluter all over the world (Lodhia Hess, 2014). Although the company has voluntarily reporting about direct GHG emissions since 1996, the company has been criticized for lobbying against carbon pricing in Australia (Bisley Coyne, 2015). On 5th November 2015, a flood occurred from a dam that holds waste water of an iron ore mine owned by BHP Billiton. A village was flooded and there were more than 17 people died during the flood. There were more than 50 peoples get injured and it caused enormous environmental damage. It had been termed as the biggest environmental disasters occur in the history of Brazil (Bisley Coyne, 2015). Recommendations to improve CSR policies of BHP In order to solve CSR related issues, there are some recommendations have been provided for the company BHP. They are mentioned below: 1. The company has to develop renewable energy sources in order to generate electricity. 2. BHP Billiton has to use economic instrument to control emissions of Green House Gas. The economic instrument includes emission fees that give permission to the company to achieve lower environmental costs. 3. It is required by the mining company to implement extra measures of energy efficiency. It also needs to take some initiatives to minimize non energy emission like methane emission from the site of landfills. 4. The company needs to invest more in the research works in order to estimate the environmental changes more correctly. 5. The company has to instruct its suppliers to eliminate child labor. The company also has to spread equal labor rights throughout the sub contracted operations. It has been found that many mining companies cut down labor expenses by employing workers with low wages. This problem can be sorted out by developing appropriate rules and regulations related with child rights. 6. The company has to take care of the working environment of the organization. It is required to develop such a working atmosphere where all employees are treated with respect and dignity. 7. BHP has to provide clear and safe working condition to the employees and need to provide safeguarding against any kind hazard and problem they face during their work. 8. The company BHP has to team up with other parts of the society like local governments and Trade unions to make sure that the incentives and wages are given to the employees are based on the minimum national and legal standards. Conclusion In this assignment a CSR audit has been developed for the company BHP. The theoretical approaches related with CSR have been discussed in this report in order to understand the concept of CSR properly. The CSR responsibility for the company has been measured and it has been demonstrated how the CSR policies of the company can spread positive impact on the community. The discrepancies of the CSR polices have also been analyzed in report. Depending on the discrepancies some recommendations have been provided to the company for future improvement of CSR policies. Reference list Andrew, N., Wickham, M., O'Donohue, W., Danzinger, F. (2012). Presenting a Core-Periphery model of voluntary CSR disclosure in Australian annual reports.Corporate Ownership Control Journal,9(2), pp.438-448. Andrews, M. (2014). All eyes on Brazil.Australia's Paydirt,1(218), PP.65-70. Bice, S. (2014). What gives you a social licence? An exploration of the social licence to operate in the Australian mining industry.Resources,3(1), 62-80. Bice, S., (2015). Corporate Social Responsibility as Institution: A Social Mechanisms Framework.Journal of Business Ethics, pp.1-18. Bisley, C., Coyne, B. (2015). CSR in emerging economies and fragile states.Development-Oriented Corporate Social Responsibility: Volume 2: Locally Led Initiatives in Developing Economies, 5(4), 121-132. Bluszcz, A., Kijewska, A. (2015). Challenges of sustainable development in the mining and metallurgy sector in Poland.Metalurgija,54(2), pp.441-444. Bluszcz, A., Kijewska, A. (2015). Challenges of sustainable development in the mining and metallurgy sector in Poland.Metalurgija,54(2), 441-444. Dashwood, H. S. (2014). Sustainable Development and Industry Self-Regulation Developments in the Global Mining Sector.Business Society,53(4), 551-582. De Villiers, C., Alexander, D. (2014). The institutionalisation of corporate social responsibility reporting.The British Accounting Review,46(2), 198-212. Fisher, J., Grant, B. (2012). Beyond corporate social responsibility: Public value and the business of politics.International Journal of Business and Management,7(7), pp.2-9. Haalboom, B. (2012). The intersection of corporate social responsibility guidelines and indigenous rights: Examining neoliberal governance of a proposed mining project in Suriname.Geoforum,43(5), pp.969-979. Hilson, G. (2012). Corporate Social Responsibility in the extractive industries: Experiences from developing countries.Resources Policy,37(2), pp.131-137. Kirsch, S. (2014). Imagining corporate personhood.PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review,37(2), 207-217. Kirschke, J. (2014). Mining Sector CSR: Responsible Returns in a Warm Investment Climate.Engineering and Mining Journal,215(9), 64-67. Lanis, R., Richardson, G. (2012). Corporate social responsibility and tax aggressiveness: a test of legitimacy theory.Accounting, Auditing Accountability Journal,26(1), PP.75-100. Lii, Y. S., Lee, M. (2012). Doing right leads to doing well: When the type of CSR and reputation interact to affect consumer evaluations of the firm.Journal of Business Ethics,105(1), PP.69-81. Lodhia, S., Hess, N. (2014). Sustainability accounting and reporting in the mining industry: current literature and directions for future research.Journal of Cleaner Production,84, 43-50. Mayes, R. (2015). A social licence to operate: corporate social responsibility, local communities and the constitution of global production networks.Global Networks,15(1), pp.109-128. Mayes, R., Pini, B., McDonald, P. (2013). Corporate social responsibility and the parameters of dialogue with vulnerable others.Organization,20(6), pp.840-859. Wang, L., Li, S., Gao, S. (2014). Do greenhouse gas emissions affect financial performance?an empirical examination of Australian public firms.Business Strategy and the Environment,23(8), 505-519.

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Hemingways Themes Essays - The Old Man And The Sea, Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway's Themes Hemingways Themes by Rachel Spreng Hemingways greatness is in his short stories, which rival any other master of the form(Bloom 1). The Old Man and the Sea is the most popular of his later works (1). The themes represented in this book are religion (Gurko 13-14), heroism (Brenner 31-32), and character symbolism (28). These themes combine to create a book that won Hemingway a Pulitzer Prize in 1953 and contributed to his Nobel Prize for literature in 1954 (3). Santiagos ordeal, first in his struggle with the big fish, and then in fighting against the sharks, is associated by Hemingway with Christs agony and triumph, (Bloom 2). When Santiago sees the second and third sharks coming, he shouts Ay, and Hemingway notes: There is no translation for this word and perhaps it is just such a noise as a man might make, involuntarily, feeling the nail go through his hand and into the wood (Waldmeir 28). Santiago is often regarded [as] a Christ figure, and his love for all living creatures and forbearance in physical pain are attributes that support this [idea]. However, Santiago shares few traits with Christ (Brenner 38). In his book The Old Man and the Sea: Story of a Common Man, Gerry Brenner states: Christ is a fisher of men, but Santiago is merely a fisherman; Christ is a figure with a divine mission, Santiago one with a secular mission (to bring back an oversized fish); Christ is a martyr who willingly but reluctantly dies for his convictions, Santiago is a persevering champion who is willing to die only to win a battle with a fish; Christ is a teacher of spiritual and ethical wisdom, Santiago is a professional with skill and slogans to impart (38). The Hemingway hero is often religious, but their religion is rarely central to their lives (Gurko 13). Santiago is Cuban, at once devout and credulous (13). However, neither his religion nor his superstitious beliefs play a role in his ordeal with the great marlin (13). God is sometimes prayed to by the Hemingway hero in a time of crisis, but He is never depended upon (Waldmeir 29). When Santiago says his prayers, he also says, I am not religious, even as he says his prayer (29). After forty-five hours of struggle have passed, Santiago says, Ill say a hundred Our Fathers and a hundred Hail Marys. But I cannot say them now. (Waldmeir 29-30) For those who see this as evidence of Santiagos Christ symbolism, one must suggest that his not saying the promised prayer provide contradiction to that interpretation (Wagner 117). It is difficult to disentangle Santiago and Hemingway, and it can render a reader quite uncomfortable (Bloom 2). Hemingway, like Santiago, denies his religious values (Linck 1). Hemingway, however, did not turn religious to write The Old Man and the Sea (Waldmeir 33). He has always been religious, although his religion is not of the orthodox variety (33). He celebrates, and always has celebrated, the Religion of Man (33). Along with the Christian symbols woven throughout the novella, numerology also adds to the religious symbols in the book (Waldmeir 28). As the story opens, we are told that Santiago had gone eighty-four days without catching a fish (Wilson 119). If we add this to the three days covered by the books action, we get a span of eighty-seven days. Shortly after, the boy recalls, remember how you went eighty-seven days without fish and then we caught big ones every day for three weeks.(119) In this way, Hemingway establishes two separate time spans of eighty-seven days that are important in the old mans life. (119) There is also a more intricate form of numerology in the novella (Waldmeir 28). Three, seven, and forty are key numbers in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible (28). As the story opens, Santiago has fished forty-four unsuccessful days alone and forty more with Manolin. The great ordeal with the marlin lasts three days; Santiago catches the fish on the seventh attempt; seven sharks are killed; and the old man rests seven times from the weight of the mast. To be a hero means to dare more than other men, to expose oneself to greater dangers, and therefore more greatly to risk the possibilities

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Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers Review

Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers Review Since its publication in 1988, Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers continues to be a book both beloved and banned in school libraries across the country. A realistic novel about the Vietnam War, the day to day struggles of young soldiers and a soldiers view about Vietnam, this book is bound to be offensive to some and embraced by others. Read this review to learn more details about this high-profile book by an established and award-winning author. Fallen Angels: The Story It’s 1967 and American boys are enlisting to fight in Vietnam. Young Richie Perry just graduated from high school, but he feels lost and unsure about what to do with his life. Thinking the military will keep him out of trouble, he enlists. Richie and his group of soldiers are deployed immediately to the jungles of Vietnam. They believe the war will be over very soon and don’t plan to see much action; however, they are dropped down in the middle of a war zone and discover the war is nowhere near being finished. Richie discovers the horrors of war: landmines, the enemy lurking in spider holes and murky swamps, the accidental shooting of soldiers in your own platoon, burned out villages full of old people and toddlers and the children who are strapped with bombs and sent amongst the American soldiers. What began as an exciting adventure for Richie is turning into a nightmare. Fear and death are tangible in Vietnam and soon Richie begins to question why he is fighting.  After surviving two encounters with death, Richie is honorably discharged from the service. Disillusioned about the glory of war, Richie returns home with a renewed desire to live and an appreciation for the family he left behind. About Walter Dean Myers Author Walter Dean Myers is a war veteran who first enlisted in the military when he was 17. Like the main character, Richie, he saw the military as a way to get out of his neighborhood and away from trouble. For three years, Myers stayed in the military and recalls his time served as â€Å"numbing.† In 2008 Myers wrote a companion novel to Fallen Angels called Sunrise Over Fallujah. Robin Perry, the nephew of Richie, decides to enlist and fight the war in Iraq. Awards and Challenges Fallen Angels  won the prestigious American Library Association’s 1989 Coretta Scott King Award, but it also ranks 11 on its most challenged and banned book list between the years 2000 and 2009. Depicting the reality of war, Walter Dean Myers, who is a veteran himself, is faithful to the way soldiers talk and act. The newly enlisted soldiers are depicted as boastful, idealistic and fearless. After the first exchange of fire with the enemy, the illusion is shattered and the reality of death and dying changes these young boys into tired old men. The details of combat can be as gruesome as the description of a soldier’s final breathing moments. Due to the graphic nature of the language and fighting, Fallen Angels has been challenged by many groups.

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Introduction to Accounting and Finance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Introduction to Accounting and Finance - Essay Example Hair wax refers to products of hair styling utilized to make a definition of hair into chunks or textual pieces. This would in turn aid in manipulating hair into numerous styles. However, to would be retailers or users, it is vital to realize that everything and in this context- every product, has its merits and demerits alike. Some of the merits in association with hair wax is that different products of hair styling based on wax can help come up with similar styles as well as give a similar shine to that of mousse or gel. However, the persons who utilize the hair wax products will have their hair remain in a state of pliability contrary to the effects identifiable with mousses and gels which have an end impact of having the hair remain in a state of stiffness. Hair wax products are recommended since they allow persons who use the same to restyle and fix hair simply by running fingers through the hair, and it is possible over the whole day subsequent to application. (thehairthread.com, 2011) Normally, hair wax is obtained from soft solids unlike hair gel. These soft solids are obtainable naturally such as bee wax or other wax blended products. However, unlike hair gel, hair wax is not as common. Hair gels’ application are with the inclusion of curly hair, women usage, men usage, long hair gels’ usage among others. On the contrary, hair wax is always recommended for short or medium hair length but it is bound to fail on long hair. (besthairwax.net, 2011) Note that hair wax is a product for hair styling that functions best upon messy type of hair and it is also helpful in achieving flicks as well as layered hair defining. It smoothes and aids in twisting short types of locks and also good for hair strands separation. (thehairstyler.com, 2009) Hair wax is mostly used but not restricted to men and this is since it is more advisable for short cuts such as buzzcuts, and flattops. It is also recommendable for